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Tournaments Archive

Event Event Date
IIIrd Club Tournament - XVII Charity Golf Tournament 24-05-2020
Family Golf Trophy 20-10-2019
Club Tournament on the 9-hole course – The Final 13-10-2019
Club Tournament - The Final 12-10-2019
Maritime Silver Golf League - Final 28-09-2019
IV Club Tournament on the 9-hole golf course 15-09-2019
Binowo Park Club Championship 14-09-2019
Captain's Day 07-09-2019
Greenfield Open 05-09-2019
World Amateur Golfers Championship - Final 29-08-2019
BRIJU Ladies Golf Tour 25-08-2019
Vth Club Tournament on the 9-hole course 18-08-2019
Vth Club Tournament 18-08-2019
Golf & Bridge 15-08-2019
Only for Eagles 11-08-2019
Maxxroyal Golf Cup 03-08-2019
IV Club Tournament on the 9-hole course 28-07-2019
IVth Club Tournament 28-07-2019
Marisa Sgaravatti 08-07-2019
XIXth Doctors Championship 29-06-2019
III Club Tournament on the 9-hole course 23-06-2019
IIIrd Club Tournament - XVII Charity Golf Tournament 23-06-2019
Juniors Club Championship 21-06-2019
XIXth Doctors Championship 21-06-2019
XIXth Doctors Championship - For Friends 21-06-2019
HAHS Clinic Cup Tournament - 9 hole course 16-06-2019
HAHS Clinic Cup Tournament 16-06-2019
Investors Golf Cup 13-06-2019
World Amateur Golfers Champioship 02-06-2019
IInd Club Tournament 26-05-2019
Szczecin Open 17-05-2019
Herring Golf Cup 16-05-2019
Regions Championship 12-05-2019
Bank Handlowy S.A. Tournament 27-04-2019
Unity Line Ryder Cup 27-04-2019
Unity Line Ryder Cup on the 9-hole course 27-04-2019
Ist Club Tournament 14-04-2019
Ist Club Tournament on the 9-hole course 14-04-2019
North - South Tournament 04-11-2017
Night Tournament 20-10-2017
Club Tournament on the 9-hole golf course - Final 15-10-2017
Club Tournament Final 14-10-2017
Greenfield Open 12-10-2017
Pair Tournament - Family Golf Trophy 01-10-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League - Final 30-09-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 28-09-2017
Baltic Barracks Open 24-09-2017
Baltic Barracks Open 9-holes course 24-09-2017
Juniors Club Championship 23-09-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 21-09-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 14-09-2017
VI Club Tournament on the 9-hole golf course 10-09-2017
BIMs Binowo Park Club Championship 09-09-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 07-09-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 31-08-2017
World Amateur Golfers Championship – Final 24-08-2017
Tuesday's women's tournament 22-08-2017
V Club Tournament on the 9-hole golf course 20-08-2017
V Club Tournament 20-08-2017
Bank Handlowy S.A. Tournament 19-08-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 17-08-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 10-08-2017
Tuesday's women's tournament 08-08-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 03-08-2017
Tuesday's women's tournament 01-08-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 31-07-2017
Tuesday's women's tournament 25-07-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 20-07-2017
Tuesday's women's tournament 18-07-2017
IV Club Tournament on the 9-hole golf course 16-07-2017
IV Club Tournament 16-07-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 13-07-2017
Tuesday's women's tournament 11-07-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 06-07-2017
Tuesday's women's tournament 04-07-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 28-06-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 22-06-2017
Investors Golf Cup 20-06-2017
III Club Tournament on the 9-hole golf course 18-06-2017
III Club Tournament 18-06-2017
XVI Doctors Championship - Accompanying Tournament 16-06-2017
Golf & Bridge 15-06-2017
Clinic HAHS Cup Tournament 11-06-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 08-06-2017
Binowo Park Cup - XV Charity Golf Tournament 04-06-2017
Dr Irena Ladies Golf Tour 2017 03-06-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 01-06-2017
II Club Tournament 28-05-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 25-05-2017
Floating Garden Szczecin Open 19-05-2017
Herring Golf Cup 18-05-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 11-05-2017
Regions Championship 07-05-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 04-05-2017
Match with Prenden Golf Club 01-05-2017
Maritime Silver Golf League 27-04-2017
World Amateur Golfers Championship – Binowo 23-04-2017
Spring Cleaning Day 01-04-2017
IVth Club Tournament 13-09-2020
Maritime Silver Golf League 06-09-2020

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